Technical information

The Pick and Place unit is an accessory for mechanical or other presses for loading flat blanks in tools. The unit consists of a magazine into which flat parts (post blanking) are loaded and stacked for secondary operations like bending, lancing etc. A single part escapement mechanism removes only one blank at a time and brings it under the pickup arm of the Pick and Place unit. From here, the blank is picked up and transferred into the tool along a straight axis covering approximately 250mm. The pickup is either by vacuum cup/s or by a pneumatic gripper. A special design consideration of the pickup arm enables the opening or stroke requirement of the press to be not more than 50 mm.

The advantages are as follows:

Improvement in productivity: The unit can work continuously between 15 - 20 strokes per minute (SPM), depending on the speed of the press. The press operates in single cycle mode with ram actuation controlled by the unit’s micro PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

Multiple Press Operation: One operator can load stack for three pick and place unit chronologically after completing magazine loading of first press so one operator can run at least three presses.

Operational safety: Many accidents happen due to human or machine error during manual loading of blanks in tool. This is completely avoided with this unit.

Ease of operation The operator work content and fatigue are significantly reduced. He has to simply load the parts in the vertical magazine. Hence, apart from improvement in the SPM, an overall increase in the duration of running the press in a shift can also be expected.

Technical specifications
  • Stroke of pickup arm (as measured between pickup point above escapement plate and placement point in tool) is 250 mm (maximum).
  • Pickup arm up / down movement at escapement plate is 10 mm, and inside tool is 20 mm approximately.
  • Weight carrying capacity of pickup arm is upto 50 gms and can be increased as per customer requirement on case to case basis.
  • Overlapping rectangular dimension of flat part is 60 mm x 60 mm and can be increased as per customer requirement on case to case basis.
  • Electrical connection : Single phase 240VAC.
  • Operating air pressure : 4 bars